This year, 2020, has posed unexpected challenges to many people and companies, including to us, of course. However, as we would rather focus on the bright side of things, we decided to list a few areas where we succeeded this year:

  • No one in our team caught COVID-19. In fact, we had no absences due to sickness among the staff all year.
  • We all switched smoothly and efficiently to remote working, without any hassle, causing no delays or disruption in our service.
  • Despite the drop in demand during the uncertain situation in the spring and the summer, we did not need to implement any layoffs.
  • Positive feedback from our customers is always a great cause for joy! The average score of all the customer feedback we received during the year was 4.76 (on a scale of 1–5)!

A big thank you to all our colleagues, partners, and customers for your support and the excellent co-operation; and we wish you a happy, successful, and healthy new year 2021!