Maris Multilingual is honoured to have a very loyal team of linguists and other language professionals. This stems from the fact that we strive to be a great company to work for, both as an employee and as a subcontractor.

We are always interested in hearing from companies and suitably qualified individuals who would like to work with us in providing our range of language services. In particular, we are keen to hear from the following:

  • Limited companies and sole traders who offer verifiably high-quality professional language services, such as translation, interpreting and language training, in one or more of our core languages.
  • Trained translators, whose mother tongue is Finnish, and who have completed a Master’s degree in Translation Studies or equivalent.
  • Translation students who are close to completing a Master’s degree in Translation Studies and seeking work experience, or a temporary or permanent in-house position as a translator.
  • Suitably qualified and experienced individuals who would like to further their career in either languages or business by working in-house as a full-time translation project manager.

Ensuring that all projects are completed on schedule, and to the required standard, involves liaising with clients, translators and proofreaders, both in Finland and around the world. If you are a professional language service provider or individual and would like to co-operate with us, please send us an email.