Communication builds a corporate image

The way an organisation and its products are presented in its materials is extremely important. Fluent, error-free communication, which is fit for purpose creates a positive image of a trustworthy entity.


However, text is often produced in a hurry, and there is not always enough time to pay sufficient attention to language, grammar, and fluency. You may end up having materials that contain errors, ambiguous expressions, and inconsistencies, which may not read as well as they should.

The best way to improve the linguistic quality of any text is via a separate round of revision. Enlisting the help of a professional is not only cost-efficient but has many other benefits.

  • You can concentrate on what you know best – the content.
  • By having your text revised, you ensure that the readers’ attention is focused on what you want to say, rather than on any errors in the text.
  • Fluent, unambiguous text that reads well conveys the message exactly the way you intended.
  • Clear and consistent writing is easier and quicker to translate into other languages so can reduce both translation costs and turnaround time.

We edit and revise texts in many languages

The term revision refers to making changes that focus on correcting typos and grammar errors and on improving the fluency of the text. The objective is to produce a text that is error-free, fluent and convincing.

In contrast, editing refers to making changes that improve the style of the text, in addition to correcting any grammatical and spelling errors. Depending on the purpose of the text, words, expressions, or even the general structure of the text may need to be edited. Editing is most often employed for publications and marketing communications such as brochures, web content, articles and speeches.

If required, we can offer linguistic consultancy at the initial writing stage.

Contact us when you want to optimise your text prior to publication, implementation or translation. We’ll be happy to help you!