In addition to translating the source text, when you create different language versions of software applications and websites, it is usually necessary to adapt the text to conform to the various technical, legal, and cultural requirements and conventions of the target language and region. This process is called localisation.


It may involve adapting culture-specific elements such as measurements, number formats, address fields, and time and date formats to match local conventions. Sometimes the length allocated for certain fields puts a limit on the length of the target text, for instance.

In addition to the actual user interface text, software localisation can also involve translating help texts, error messages, and user guides.

We have many years of experience in translating IT-related texts, and we are familiar with the special aspects of localisation work. We are able to handle diverse file formats, which ensures that the localisation process goes smoothly and remains within the desired schedule. We can also help you with testing of the individual language versions.