Practically all industries use special jargon, terminology, and expressions. For companies, specific terminology and expressions form an important asset that helps to keep corporate communications clear and consistent. It can also be a differentiating factor or at least affect the customer experience.


In order to make the best use of these assets, glossaries of terms have to be stored, maintained and shared systematically among all those involved in corporate communication.

Terminology management is even more important when texts are translated into other languages:

  • Coherent use of terminology in all corporate communications, from manuals to brochures and articles in customer magazines, facilitates translation.
  • The target language versions are idiomatic and convincing when the terms and expressions have been translated correctly.
  • Terms can be collected from multilingual material either during translation work or afterward for use in a client’s other marketing and corporate communications.

We can help you compile and maintain term bases in various languages from material that is being translated. Contact us if you want further information about terminology management or about how to utilise term bases in corporate communications.

Have a look at our sample glossary of translation industry terms.