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A multilingual website is an easy, cost-efficient, and flexible way to achieve extensive international exposure – as long as the various language versions are up to scratch. It is easier to add new language versions to your website if you allow for this as early as possible.

Website Localisation

Translating web content involves a number of technical issues that may affect the cost and schedule of your website project. The most efficient way to publish multilingual websites is to translate directly in the original source file format (such as HTML, XML, or YML). This eliminates the need for manually copying and pasting text from one file to another.

Translations can also be performed directly in a content management system (CMS). In such cases, the most efficient and effective way to produce the target language versions is to export the files from the CMS. This allows using professional translation memory tools for the actual translation work. Some CMS products offer automatic solutions for downloading pages for translation and uploading translated content back to the system. This expedites the process considerably. One of such solutions is the WPML for WordPress.

Translation memory tools increase the speed of translation, lower costs, and ensure the consistency of repeated content. In addition, the translation memory database (which is automatically created during use of these tools) is a valuable resource in updating of content. It can also reduce the cost of an update to a small fraction of what it would be if the content, mostly the same, were translated manually.

However, website localisation is not just about technology. The ultimate objective of producing multiple language versions is to present a product, service, or company in an appealing and convincing manner to an international audience. That requires excellent linguistic skills, a sense of style, and thorough understanding of the target culture.

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