Maris Multilingual gained a great deal of technical expertise as a shareholder in the company, Jukka Pohjola, joined our team.

Pohjola was previously employed by Kemppi, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of arc welding equipment and related software services, based in Lahti, for fourteen years. His duties ranged from technical writing, content production, copywriting, translation and revision to the development of technical documentation and welding industry terminology.

Stronger service offering 

The recruitment strengthens our company’s service offering particularly regarding work with welding and mechanical engineering related texts, and affirms our position as the leading language service provider in the Lahti region.

Pohjola has solid experience in the creation of both technical documentation as well as promotional marketing texts and their language versions. Maris will make full use of this varied expertise in developing its service offering.

Multilingual DTP services

The recruitment expands our range of services. “We have increased capabilities to deliver our customers’ multilingual InDesign projects as complete packages”, says Maris Multilingual’s managing director Maarit Satukangas-Pohjola.

This means that when we receive an InDesign package from our customers, we will both provide translations into the desired languages and typeset the foreign language versions to ensure a professional result. Delivering complete InDesign packages saves time and costs for our customers as they do not need to spend time for DTP in foreign languages, which can be challenging.

In addition to design know-how and an understanding of the specific design tools, finalising the layout or typesetting in a foreign language requires linguistic expertise.

We welcome Jukka in our team, and invite our customers to make use of this added expertise!

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