Materials related to health care and social services for various population groups and communities often contain a great many culture-specific terms, names, and concepts that cannot be properly translated without expertise, familiarity, and attention. Clear communication benefits both service providers and their clients.

Familiarity with the appropriate terminology can also be an essential safety requirement, when the materials are related to glucose meters and other self-care medical devices.

health and wellbeing

Today’s consumers want precise information on what the products they use contain. Translations related to cosmetics, beauty, and hygiene products, along with those to do with pet care and nourishment, require specialist knowledge, which ensures that the resulting language versions are as safe and well-informed as the original source text. Unlike traditional translation, marketing for these industries require ‘transcreation’, where the target version is adapted on the basis of the target culture.

We regularly provide translations related to health care and social services for our customers engaged in operations in the health and well-being sector. We are familiar with the appropriate terminology and expressions and are able to produce accurate, fluent and competent texts in a host of languages, quickly and efficiently.

We translate for instance:

  • Service descriptions
  • Project plans
  • Quality assurance programmes
  • Advertisements and promotional material
  • Product information
  • Dosage, use and self-administration instructions

Read a case study of how we helped a worldwide provider of child care products with an urgent and complex translation project. Contact us if you need professional translations for texts related to health and well-being.