The objective of all marketing communications is ultimately to present a product, service or company in an appealing manner so as to achieve sales. When an advertisement or marketing text has been translated well, it has the same effect on a reader as the original source text. Achieving this result in a different culture and language environment requires excellent linguistic skills, creativity, and a thorough understanding of the target culture.

Marketing-related texts often contain culture-specific elements and idioms that cannot be directly translated. Creative translation, also known as transcreation or cross-market copywriting, is a type of localisation. The source text is not strictly translated but is adapted through the use of idioms and expressions native to the target culture and language.


Advertisements and marketing material are usually created using specialist DTP software, and the most convenient way of producing the individual versions is to translate directly in the appropriate file formats. We can handle a wide variety of file formats used for producing publications (the most commonly used are InDesign and HTML files), so that multilingual publications can be produced conveniently without slow and laborious manual steps.

We happily co-operate with advertising agencies and graphic designers to make the process of producing multiple language versions of your publications as easy as possible. Often the best results are achieved through close co-operation between the client, designer and translation company.

Read a case study of how we co-operate with one of our advertising agency clients.

We have vast experience in translating a wide variety of marketing texts, including the following:

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Customer magazines.

Contact us, and ask about what you need to consider when translating various types of publications.