Communication in the customer’s own language helps the travel industry take off

Budget airlines and the Internet are both increasing international tourism and transforming the travel and tourism industries. Increasingly, flights, accommodation, and services are booked online instead of with traditional travel agencies. Consumers’ decisions are based on impressions created by information published online.

That is why convincing, high-quality marketing communications and clear booking and service systems in the customer’s own language can be a decisive competitive factor for companies in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. Providing services and supporting material in the native language of your international customers makes the services significantly easier to use and much more attractive. High-quality versions in each target language are part of good customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Travel & Tourism

We have vast experience of translations for the travel and tourism industries, from guest information folders to restaurant menus and booking systems. We have participated in numerous, very different translation projects related to both the domestic and international travel business.

We know the terminology and expressions used in the travel industry and we can produce language versions that highlight the best in your company, products, or services and that attract both new and returning customers.

We translate such materials as the following:

Read an example case study of how we help a major Finnish provider of tourism and hospitality services to serve their international customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like assistance in attracting new global customers for your travel or tourism service.