Are you getting the most from your website?

Most companies today have a website, and if produced well it is one of the main channels for sales, marketing and communications. The Internet lowers the threshold for entering international markets for companies of all sizes. Does your website support your operations in the best possible way in every market?

Localising your website is one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving visibility in the global market. The majority of web users prefer to visit websites that are available in their own language, and studies show that websites published in the language of the target group increase sales, improve a company’s visibility, and enhance communications.


A website is an extremely flexible marketing tool. For example, you can choose to translate only parts of the site, depending on the group you are trying to reach. Updating multilingual content is usually very easily done and especially cost-effective when performed in conjunction with the use of translation memory tools.

Just as with other marketing publications, a website is an entity where the text and graphic design support each other. When planning your website, you should take culture-specific issues into account, so that the localised versions have the desired effect on each and every target group. For instance, local traditions and cultural conventions should be considered in the planning of the use of colours, symbols, and linguistic expressions.

We have extensive experience in translating websites. Our linguists living in the target cultures ensure that the localised versions create exactly the effect you want. We can translate web content directly in a variety of original file formats and content management systems. This makes the production of different language versions considerably easier for all involved.

Read a case study about how we helped an international company publish its website in several languages, and contact us if you need new or updated language versions of your own website.