Are you running a WordPress website? We have good news for you: there is an easy way to make it multilingual. An optimised process for WordPress translation allows you to obtain professional translations and publish them on your website with ease, without having to worry about technical details.

Localising your website is one of the most cost-effective ways of gaining visibility in the global market. However, without the right tools to support the process, publishing translated content online can be slow, laborious and error-prone. This does not meet the needs of today’s fast-paced business world.

The WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin enables a seamless workflow that allows you to send content for professional translation without hassle. You can then integrate the completed translations in your website almost automatically without manual copy/pasting.

Key benefits

Cost efficiency: Exporting content in the correct format for translation allows the use of translation memory technology which, among other benefits, saves time and money. You can get an idea of the volume and expected costs using WPML’s own word count tool, but once we receive the files from you, we will prepare an accurate quote for the work.

Improved quality: Professional translation technology helps to improve quality and consistency throughout all your multilingual communication, whatever the format.

Time savings: Eliminating the need for manual copy/pasting can save hours of work, as the WPML lets you upload the completed translations with a click and automatically integrates them into your website.

Support: With WPML, you can translate any type of websites on WordPress, including e-commerce sites, brochure sites, listing sites, blogs, and more. The WPML team offers priority support to our clients, so when you choose us to translate your website using WPML, you will have access to this technical support.

How it works


Download the WPML plugin and install it to your website.


Request the WPML API token via email at, or call us at +358 45 1199 033.


You will then receive the WPML API token to your email address to link your WordPress website and your translation partner, Maris Multilingual.


After that, you can submit the content to be translated via the WPML plugin.


We will prepare a quote for the translation based on the texts we received. Once the quote is confirmed, we will start the translation work.


When the translations are completed and to your satisfaction, they will be re-imported to your website via the WPML plugin.

For detailed instructions, please read the Step-by-step guide!

WPML translations with Maris Multilingual

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