Training translators

Our company participated again in a unique course organised in co-operation between the University of Helsinki and selected Finnish language service providers. The initiative, launched in 2015, is supported by the European Language Industry Association (ELIA), and it aims at bridging the gap between academic education and work. Maris Multilingual has been onboard each year since the beginning, helping to provide students with practical working life skills.

Our translator Noora Sjöberg visited the university for a day for an introduction to the memoQ translation environment and to lead training and practice sessions. Special arrangements were needed this year due to the coronavirus situation: the students were divided into two separate rooms, and the sessions were streamed to the other room.

Despite the minor complication, everything worked well. ”As a translator, I’m used to embracing new technology, as translation tools are developing constantly. The students learned quickly, and I was quite impressed by their technical skills,” said Noora.

The students are also offered the opportunity to visit the translation companies and observe the work of translators, coordinators and project managers in real life.